“This is the longest I have consistently eaten well and exercised in my life so it is very helpful to me.” ~Teresa, Westchester

“Hi ladies! Just wanted to share that I went for measurements at my new gym and I’m down 2 inches at my waist and 2 inches at my hips!! This is the longest I’ve stuck with making real changes to get the results I want and it’s working!!” ~Kelly, Queens, after 3 weeks

“Hope everyone is doing well on Day 11 … I am feeling so much better about myself and more in control which translates into having a more positive attitude overall. I have been enjoying cooking more and have some good food photos that I will upload!” ~Judy T, Brooklyn

“By week 8, I could see a pretty big difference that kept me going through week 10.  I have less back pain, fewer headaches and feel better about myself than when I started.  I would recommend this program to anyone who’s had trouble losing weight on their own.” ~Teresa, Westchester

“I am really proud of my progress.  I have made a huge shift in the way I exercise and eat and feel about my fitness.  I am so grateful to be a part of this group and to Cecily for leading it.” ~Tracy, Manhattan

“Very well structured and organized. The material was very well done. The daily logs were incredibly helpful. Being part of a group is also much more motivating. Hearing from others successes and struggles helped me to feel that I was not alone on this!” ~T., New York

“Cecily totally gets how I feel!” ~J., New Jersey

“This is the first time in years I’m not hungry!” ~R., who has lost 17 lbs so far.

“I learned that I CAN DO THIS!  With your encouragement and sage advice about prepping for and eating 6 small meals, I was able to stay on track and eat healthy even while life was life. It is work but it is such important work and although most people probably think it is easier to eat unhealthy because of the prepping and planning, once you get the swing of it, it is not that hard.  I also found that wherever you are you can start. That start leads to the next day and then the next and before you know it, you see results! That start applies to eating and exercise. Something is better than nothing and the exercise plan, when I jumped in the first week was manageable even for a beginner! Thank you Cecily!” ~R., Queens