Focused on working women in the NYC area, Fueled for Business offers:

Virtual Group Programs:  

Participate in a multi-week challenge with like-minded women.  Workout on your own time following the outlined time-efficient exercise plan.   Follow nutrition guidelines to stabilize your blood sugar levels, boost your metabolism, and increase your energy!  Gain support with our private online community, one of the biggest keys for success.  


Track 1:  10 Week Fitness Challenge

Your goals are to get more fit, shed unneeded fat, all while regaining your confidence. Secondarily, you want to increase your energy level.  You want to look and feel better, you know you can do better, and that will translate into better ability to handle, and even thrive, at what work and life throws at you. To see example results click here.


Track 2:  Fueling Your Success

For the professional working woman who wants to excel and thrive at work and beyond.  Your energy level and enthusiasm is lackluster, maybe even dangerously low.  You’ve burned the candle at all ends, and obligations are piling up.  You want your energy level to be off the charts and handle the pressures of the workplace with ease.  You want to be fit in all senses of the word, thriving not just surviving, and have more fulfillment from your working life.


One-on-One Access

Time one-on-one to address your specific goals.  Whether its a push you need or a partner to work through the overwhelm with, this gives you a place to start, or a check-in throughout to finish.  Some options include:

Accountability calls

Setting up for Success:  Kitchen Cleanout

One-on-one customized coaching and planning


Speaking Engagements

Cecily’s passion and positive energy is infectious.  She can fuel your team to jump to action, live and work smarter, and stick with it.  Whether its for a women’s networking event, innovation or energy conference, Women or Girls in STEM program, she tailors her approach to engage each audience.

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