I started Fueled for Business as I found that when eating right, exercising regularly in short intense bursts, and incorporating brief refueling breaks into my day I was at my best, at work, and in life. That overwhelming pile of work seems like a breeze when in my flow, working in cycles of intense bursts, just like exercise, then fueling and refreshing throughout the day. Friends, colleagues, people in the gym, even passersby on the streets of Manhattan, would ask me for advice on nutrition, fitness routines, and mindset, so much so that I felt I had a message to share with others. I want every woman to learn this philosophy which ultimately leads to success in business as well as in life.

My mission: To help as many professional women as possible to work and live at their best, while spending the optimal amount of time on themselves in order to maximize their energy. To help women have boundless energy to last throughout the day, which ultimately will increase productivity, give them a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

About Cecily:  Cecily Kovatch has 20 years experience working in the energy industry.  She is unique in that she has worked upstream in oil & gas exploration & production and all the way downstream in retail marketing.  She then crossed over into utilities and renewable energy, giving her a unique perspective in the industry that few others have.  She also has experience on the financial side, where she built and led the Energy, Industrials & Basic Materials vertical at an independent research firm, helping institutional clients better understand the sector.  Professionally she has worked in operations, engineering, marketing, sales, innovation, and is as strategic as she is executional, building new business units and driving for revenue growth and overall value to stakeholders.  She is a natural leader who leads by example, gets her hands dirty, while also stepping back to see the big picture.  The energy industry is a space where travel, across many time zones, long hours and working in extreme conditions (she started her career working on oil rigs) requires stamina to make it through the day safely.  And to excel in these environments, particularly as a woman, requires even higher levels of self-care and physical and mental strength.  She is also personally interested in the effort to bring more women into the energy sector and STEM fields in general.  She is passionate about health, fitness, exercise, and nutrition, having played on the women’s lacrosse team at Princeton, and trained with some of the best in the fitness industry to build up her body, her strength and stamina, which has benefitted her in the workplace as much as it has on the race circuit.  She believes passionately about the connection between overall wellness and success by women in STEM industries.  

Cecily is also an Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurial Thinking at Stevens Institute of Technology and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Stevens Venture Center where she advises cleantech startups.  She volunteers with  E-School for Girls entrepreneurship program and is an Advocates Board Member at Covenant House International.  She holds a bachelors degree in Geology from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.  Cecily understands the unique challenges women in corporate environments face and the demands on time and personal energy.  

About you: You desire to be healthier, have more energy and more fulfillment out of life and work, but may not know where to start. You feel you don’t have time to fit in exercise, or time to prepare healthy meals in the kitchen. You want to enjoy food and not be limited in what you can eat. You desire to have boundless energy to last throughout the day, so that when you return from work, you have the energy to interact with your family and friends and your hobbies with vigor. You may desire a full program or just a helping hand to get on the right track quickly, or to have an accountability partner.

Corporate Clients:  Corporations and organizations that desire to attract, recruit, retain and advance successful women turn to Fueled for Business to coach and empower their workforce.  Your organization is invested in providing a resource for professional women to be healthier, and ultimately more confident and fit to handle the pressures of work and life.